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Eco Bowl Clip
Washroom deodoriser available in a variety of fragrances.

English Garden
Delicate fragrance suitable for domestic & commercial applications.

Hot Shot
500Ml Bottle Fragrance - Flowershop, Senola, Lavendola, Boronia, Lemon, Strawberry, Powder Puff, Linga Longa & Vanilla.

JD Super Spray
Concentrated deodorant

Riteodor - Aerosol
Use for neutralising bad smells & odours.

Urinal Screen
Designed for use in urinals. Controls odour for up to 30 days. Available in a variety of fragrances.

Viva E Dispenser
Dispenser for Viva E refills. Oxygen powered technology which uses no propellents, solvents or CFC's.

Viva E Refill - Bliss
A crisp herbal blend with a refreshing scent of eucalyptus, for a blast of instant freshness.

Viva E Refill - Blush
A warm & subtle combination of ripe berries for a juicy, fruity scent.

Viva E Refill - Cheer
A rich floral scent of orange blossom, jasmine & white flowers.

Viva E Refill - Crush
An exotic mix of pineapple, tropical fruits & coconut.

Viva E Refill - Glee
An invigorating scent of green apple & pear softened with peach & pineapple.

Viva E Refill - Spa
A fresh invigorating scent with fragrant lavender & spicy herbs.