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Products :: Chemicals

Carpet Upholstery Spot Remover
Effective on all types of carpet for removal of stubborn stains.

Dual Link
Revolutionary floor polish with unique metal interlocking polymer for an outstanding finish.

Dura Gloss Polish
Dura Gloss polish is an acrylic polymer based floor polish. It has a balance of components for detergent resistance & durability & displays a high gloss when buffed.

Dura Gloss Revitaliser
A combination of polyethylene, wax & carnauba wax designed for floors that need a quick maintenance refurbish.

Dura Gloss Sealer
A urethane fortified acrylic floor polish that dries to a tough finish & easily buffs to a high gloss.

Dura Gloss Spray Buff
State of the art multi purpose companion for high speed floor maintenance.

Hunters Carpet Spotter Scrubs
For removal of grease, wine, blood, pet stains etc from carpet in a handy pre moistened towel.

Premium grade carpet pre-spray for use on all carpet piles.

Industrial strength ammoniated floor cleaner designed for washing greasy floors & walls.

Metallic Seal
Metalised floor sealer for use on all floor surfaces.

Super Stripper
A highly concentrated floor stripper.